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The projects developed by FGV Finance are carried out by cells, which are supervised by professional mentors from the most renowned financial institutions.

About the cells

All members who are approved in the Trainee process are allocated to cells, which develop a specific project within the segment of the financial market they represent.

The work of the cells takes place during the academic semester, and each semester the members switch cells and teams. Within the cells, a member can choose a cell that replicates the work developed in an area of greater interest within the financial market.

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Private Equity | Kinea

The Roadshows

After completing the cell project along with the mentorship, members present the work developed to renowned financial institutions, where professionals evaluate the quality of the work.

With these presentations, members of the organization are able to have close and direct contact with the market, as it is an immersive experience of presenting a deck to renowned institutions in the financial market.

Discover our projects

Investment Banking

Currently, FGV Finance has two Investment Banking cells, one supervised by Olimpia Partners, one of the country's leading M&A boutiques, and the other supervised by Seneca Evercore, a renowned independent financial advisory firm in the country, focusing entirely on M&A advisory.

In these cells, members simulate an M&A deal, including sectoral analysis, financial analysis, modeling, and legal aspects of the deal.


Public Equities

In the Public Equities cell of FGV Finance, there is supervision from Brasil Capital, a management company founded on ethics and transparency that has generated excellent returns for its investors in recent years, and Verde Asset, a multimarket fund with R$50 billion under management that values exceptional performance. During the supervision, cell members have the opportunity to analyze a company alongside an analyst from the management company, receiving instructions and feedback on the analysis.

Private Equity

In the Private Equity cell of FGV Finance, the partners are Kinea and GP Investments. Through supervision, members develop an investment thesis in a selected company, participating in all processes of a Private Equity fund, from pre-acquisition, business model development, to the divestment process.


Acquisition Finance

In the Acquisition Finance cell of FGV Finance, there is supervision from BTG Pactual and Bocaina. Throughout the semester, members conduct a simulation of an M&A deal together with structuring financing for this operation in the LBO model. This includes an in-depth study of sector regulation, the risks involved, the contractual structure built, and the business dynamics of the companies involved.

Macro Research

In the Macro Research cell of FGV Finance, the partners are Opportunity and Tenax Capital. Through supervision, members conduct a study of macroeconomic indicators of three countries and, from that, are able to understand and evaluate the market's perspective on these indicators. In this regard, the cell can develop an investment thesis based on its study.

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